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Greenhouse • Diegem

If the window hasn't been invented yet...

… then we’ll come up with the solution.

This innovative building near Brussels airport offers a unique coworking space, meeting rooms and event spaces. The design was carried out with an eye for sustainability and quality. The windows are used for both smoke extraction and natural ventilation.

The design team couldn’t find an existing system that met the strict requirements. Xsys therefore took up the challenge together with J.Hermans & Co and Reynaers Aluminium. The result is a bottom-hung window into which both the cabling and the motor units are integrated. The system operates silently and with millimetre precision, and thereby always provides the perfect natural ventilation.

The HVAC system controls the position of the various windows via a ModBus communication. The motors are fully integrated into the profile without compromising the resistance to water and wind. The control system is also customised. It goes without saying that the whole system has been certified according to the EN 12101-02 standard.


When renovation can also be cheaper...

The control and emergency power supply of the skylight in this Luxembourg shopping centre needed replacing. The client contacted Xsys, and we came up with a more effective solution.

Although the motors of the smoke extraction system were less than ten years old, they proved to be real energy guzzlers. Instead of just replacing the central and emergency power supply for the existing “energy-hungry” motors, we offered the latest generation of motors from D+H in combination with a lighter emergency power supply and a more efficient power plant. This solution was not only 20% cheaper, but the client also immediately had a completely new and energy-efficient installation.

The certified 230V system from D+H was chosen. By not working with “traditional” dc voltage, much less cabling was needed, which resulted in additional savings. In this way, Xsys not only offered safety at the highest standard, but also sustainability and cost efficiency.


When seconds count...

…we’ll make sure that you can rely on it. In the Kempen region of Antwerp, the Flemish Government was investing in new sheds for the agency that is responsible for forestry management. The buildings consist of 4 linked wooden sheds with aluminium windows in the roof ridge that blend in perfectly with the architecture.

The sheds contain a lot of flammable items, such as vehicles, fuel and forest management materials. Very strict requirements were therefore imposed on the smoke extraction system. In the event of an emergency, for example, the large aluminium windows must open by one metre (1,000 mm) within 60 seconds. A piece of cake for the high-speed motors of D+H.

We installed a certified system that has helped ensure safety in the sheds ever since.

Gateway Office • Brussels Airport

When it comes to architecture...

…then we can help. A global player in consulting services has set up its Belgian headquarters at the international airport in Zaventem. It goes without saying that the building has the necessary prestigious appearance. After all, it is just about the first thing that foreign visitors see in Belgium.

A renowned architectural firm was commissioned for the design. They drew up an aesthetic building with a great deal of attention to detail. The smoke extraction systems also had to fit in with the overall appearance.

Xsys provided a customised system that ensures the supply of fresh air.


If our work shouldn’t be seen...

…then we simply make it invisible. A global player in the window profile business built a new headquarters. Given the core activities of this company, the window profiles are, of course, the showpieces. Natural ventilation takes place via the windows, thanks to an architectural masterpiece. Only the best will do at such times: the motors for this system were therefore perfectly integrated.

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