We also offer certification according to the EN 12101-02 standard for projects that cannot be handled with standard solutions. In this way, your customers know that their smoke extraction system meets the highest safety standards.

The world's largest selection of certified systems

Among other things, smoke extraction systems must be able to withstand high temperatures over a certain period of time. The European standard EN 12101 has been developed to ensure this. This standard provides proof that products meet certain requirements under strict conditions. The interaction between all the parts of the smoke extraction system is important here – from the window profile to the drive system.

A standard-compliant assembly of all components according to EN 12101-2 has been mandatory since 2006. The individual components of a smoke evacuation system require safety-related certificates, and must be subjected to extensive testing procedures.

In combination with the largest number of window profiles, solutions from D+H have been certified by the top test institutes, both in 230V AC and in DC. This allows us to offer the largest selection of certified systems in the world!

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